CEO’s Interview With GoodFirms

CEO's Interview with GoodFirms, Featured at GoodFirms as a Company Providing Software Outsourcing Services in Armenia

Customer-Success, Honesty, Openness and Fair Play: Armen Melkonyan

DevelopWay CJSC  is an Armenian Information Technology (IT) service and consulting company that endeavors to deliver quality IT services and products to clients. The experienced team members value professionalism, innovation, commitment, and accountability. 

The company possesses a tremendous experience of above 15 years in the software industry. The company’s main principle is maintaining international standards during the software development process to ensure the quality and efficiency of products and services that result in facilitating international trade.

The dedicated software developers believe in living up to the expectations and trust of its clients and strive hard to offer reliable and high-quality software development services for the clients’ business requirements. Consequently, such awe-inspiring software development services have enabled the company to gain a respectable position amongst the top software development companies in Armenia at GoodFirms.

Team GoodFirms had the opportunity to discuss the company’s services with the CEO, Armen Melkonyan, and how he envisages his company, going forward.

While explaining DevelopWay CJSC and briefly explaining his role within the organization, Mr. Melkonyan stated that Armenia-based DevelopWay is an IT consulting and software development company with 13+ years of profound experience in the software industry. The company has served 30+ clients, completed more than 50 projects, and consulted 70+ teams. The complete software development life cycle is covered in their service portfolio that meets the wide-ranging business needs of the clients. 

Further, the company possesses extensive experience in custom software development, mobile along with web app development. The experts’ value competence, creativity, devotion, and responsibility. Simultaneously, the team focuses on the enthusiasm and innovative approach of the younger generation. 

The Inception Story

Mr. Melkonyan recalls that he and his co-founder have 10+ years of experience in tech and management and have discussed a lot regarding the role of the IT industry in Armenia. He added that both of them analyzed the recent trends and possible enhancements along with their role in that process.

Further, Armenia started growing as one of the world’s foremost software outsourcing destinations for a competent workforce with sound communication skills, high-grade research capabilities, reasonable labor costs, an engaging business environment, tax benefits, and various government support initiatives.

Finally, both of them decided to utilize the experience earned and put full-on efforts into developing and growing dedicated teams emphasizing web and mobile outsourcing services to central Europe and US.

Business Model

When GoodFirms team asked Mr. Melkonyan about the company’s business model he shared that DevelopWay CJSC focuses on enhancing the in-house software development processes and delivering offshore software outsourcing services. Mainly, the company offers three types of engagement models that help in maintaining a sound relationship with clients.

Dedicated teams, Staff Augmentation, and a Project-Based Model

Mostly, clients prefer a dedicated team model. Without spending time and money on complete supervision, the clients are free to hire a dedicated team of professionals for longer to get the software work done efficiently. The passionate developers and designers proficiently manage the assigned projects and strive to deliver budget-friendly projects on time.

Differentiating Factors

Melkonyan also spoke on how one can differentiate DevelopWay CJSC from the competition by claiming that the company serves as a customer success-oriented company that works honestly and openly for fair rates. Interestingly, the company has been in the software industry for a long term and possesses profound experience in app and custom software development.

Industries Served

The CEO was further enquired about the industries they generally cater to. He replied that most of their customers (almost 60%) are their long-term partners. The latter trusts the company’s working system and even refers its developers to other companies in their network for further collaboration.

The focused industries are- Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Fitness & Lifestyle, and IT startups.

The company mainly focuses on Mobile App, Web Application Development, and Custom Software Development.

Customer-Satisfaction Rate

When discussing the customer satisfaction rate, Melkonyan expressed that the company employs metrics to measure customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • Customer feedback collected during and after the delivery of the projects
  • The business success of the products developed
  • The awards achieved and recognition from leading analytics companies

Further, the company combines top-notch project management practices to improve customer satisfaction. The company utilizes Scrum-based processes, Kanban methodology, core practices of XP, and Agile systems to keep up with the international standard.

The dedicated team of professionals believes in documenting all project requirements and creating a clear vision of the future solution. The passionate team thoroughly analyzes the clients’ business goals and challenges. Finally, the experts prepare a document to finalize the business requirements, product scope, stakeholders’ needs, and functional requirements.

The CEO added that the company employs daily meetings, weekly reporting, and frequent demos practices to enable clients to closely coordinate with the team members and raise their queries and project-related issues.

In discussing the payment structure, Melkonyan clarified that DevelopWay provides three different billing plans to its clients:

Time and Material Plan

It suggests billing on actual time spent on the development process (person-hours worked) and chosen when the company decides to work with clients with agile frameworks.

Fixed Price

This billing system is based on on pre-defined milestones. It is employed for clear and well-defined small and mid-sized projects with a traditional(waterfall) project management style.

Monthly Flat Rates

Sometimes a company offers this plan to the client to pay a fixed monthly price for all features and all access levels. It is a cost-effective option for short-term projects.

Additionally, the CEO declared that the company aims for budgets of no less than 10,000 USD (United States Dollars). Further, in 2021, the company caters to projects with a minimum 20,000 EUR (Euros) price range to a maximum of 300,000 EUR. The team follows an individual approach to discussing each project.

While concluding the interview, when Team GoodFirms asked where Mr. Melkonyan sees his company in the next ten years, he gladly said that the company holds the mission to become the leading reliable software outsourcing partner for clients from Central Europe and the United States for app development and custom software development.

You can go through the entire interview of DevelopWay CJSC’s CEO, Mr. Melkonyan, on the GoodFirms website.

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